Who's your rock star?

A friend of mine is a surgeon.

The other day, she was telling me a story about her boss, a more senior surgeon...

She ended her account with a giddy: ”He's just such a rock star!"

It made me smile, and it stuck with me.

That she was so impressed by someone who knew more than her, and that she could learn from.

My friend is clearly on the right path.

And it brought with it a deep feeling of gratitude...

Thank god that we all have different rockstars in our life. 

Thank god we all have different skills, interests and ideas about what we want to do.

If I ever needed surgery, I'd feel blessed to have it performed by someone like my friend. Someone who looked up to the skills and knowledge of an experienced surgeon.

And it made me ask myself...

Who is my rock star?

Who is that person that I look up to and aspire to be. And for what reason do I look up to this person?

In a world where we get dopamine hits from people liking our Instagram posts, where we are bombarded daily with images and idea of what "success" looks like... 

It becomes important to become discerning of who we listen to.

Who, really, are the rock stars of this world? 

I started thinking… 

And got clear in some of my personal heroes. 

For instance, I look up to Marianne Williamson.


Because she speaks beautifully about that inspire me, teaches me concepts I grow from and puts words together eloquently. I realized that it's my potential I'm aspiring towards. I aspire to be as good a speaker, as good a communicator as she is.

And as long as I listen and learn from her, I will keep growing into my own.

Your own personal rock star might be that person who is a few steps ahead of you, who teaches you, mentors you. Who shows you what is possible in face of uncertainty. 

Who gives you a glimpse of your own potential?

Who is your rock star? 



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