Can you help me?


I learned something on the playground today :) I spent time with my niece, and we went to check out the playground next to me. While she was busy enjoying the jungle gym, I noticed a little girl, maybe 3 years old, looking up towards a small climbing wall.

She was looking at it apprehensively, realizing it was too big for her. She turned around and looked at me, asking: "I want to get up. Can you help me?".

"Of course", I said. She ran up to the wall, I lifted her up to the first boulder, gave her some guidance and watched her happily crawl over the top edge.

For some reason, I felt amazed. Then it hit me.

She did something that many of us adults have lost the ability to do. Actually two things.

She stated clearly what it was that she wanted, AND, she asked for help in getting there.

A lot of us are afraid of saying out loudly what we want. We might be so closed off that we don't even know what we want. And if we do know, we might feel scared to be judged or criticized for owning our dream.

The inability to ask for help shows up often. Asking for help is synonymous to being weak, bothering others, and showing too much vulnerability.

Yet, this girl was able to communicate in 2 seconds something that most of us adults struggle with for a much longer time to get clear on.

When do we lose our ability to clearly say what we want and ask for the help we need to get it?

All our awesome kid-like abilities in trusting ourselves and our abilities; when do we start losing them? And why?

Ps. I was inspired by this clip.

Image courtesy Ajith Kumar