The Manifesto

Who we are, what we do, and what we believe in. 

What is a manifesto?

It is defined as: "a set of belief, rules and ideas that bring together a community, vision or group." 

This site is not for everyone.

But if you are reading this manifesto and feel connected to it?

Then, maybe you're in the right place.

We love to see people thrive in their strengths and get excited about their own lives and progress.
Everyone has superpowers. We believe that everyone deserves to find a way to grow their skills, and monetize them.
We are committed to helping smart people understand their platform, their strengths and build a side-business from it. 


Here are the rules of our community.


1. We trust our strengths

Research tells us that 70% of US workers and disengaged, or even actively disengaged at work. This is a troubling statistic. Imagine a world where everyone pursued the work that was important to them.

What would this world look like? What would we create? What problems could we solve?

We’d be happier, use more of our potential, help others in a deeper way and pursue more meaningful opportunities. We might not all have our dream jobs tomorrow, but we all have the capacity to be more engaged. Even by starting small.

Start with finding your strengths.


2. Catch up with the changing world

How many companies hired social media managers in 2005? Jobs that are commonplace today didn't even exist ten years ago. How could we possibly know what lies in store ten years from now?

The future of work is not in employment security.

Some of us have noticed that already, some of us will. The trend is rapidly heading towards an economy driven of temporary gigs, freelance opportunities and project-based work.

In 2020, 40% of the American workforce are estimated to be freelancers. Just look at the massive amounts of opportunities that have grown through for instance

Get positioned for future opportunities by developing your own platform.


3. Experiment

Most of us are not blessed with a passion

I also think it's a word that's done more harm than good.

There will be some clear themes and interests in your life. However, your life unfolding will be a mix of opportunities, changing interests and conditions.

We test, try what feels exciting, hypothesize, test again. Experimenting involves constantly testing our hypotheses to check where we're at.

Most importantly, we don't wait for passion to find us. We choose to be passionate. 


4. Let's have an impact

Look at the state of our world today, and it's easy to get nervous.

What issues do you feel drawn to? What it is that you read about in the paper or google because you want to know more about? Take these interests and clues seriously. 

Where and how do I want to have an impact? We figure out what matters most to us and pursue that.

Remember: Your Strengths + Your Contribution = Your Impact.


5. Find your people

Finding your people changes everything.

When I joined my first mastermind group, I was surrounded by a supportive group. Our environment is a huge part our success. Take it seriously. 

Every year I go to WDS in Portland. Here I’ve met some of the people who've been the most important to me in business and life.

Remember the classic saying... "You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with".


6. Because, why not

How cool is our world? The opportunities are endless. We can do anything, anytime.  

When we start dedicating time to something that matters, whether it be a full-time work, or a side-hustle, we are invited to get our priorities straight. 

A lot of people before us have worked too hard for us not to make the most of our lives. Stay fully awake, alive and present to all that life brings.