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Here you'll find Best Strategies & Tools to Grow Your Impact Online

This library of free resources is a labor of love - created from experience and lessons learned. Here you'll find workbooks, checklist, to-do's and useful strategies. It's created so that you can expand your impact - in life and online. Make sure to keep this page bookmarked and check back.


8 Steps to Creating a Meaningful Career

The original piece that lay behind this site - before my coaching and consulting turned towards digital marketing and growing startups.

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Plan a Productive Workday (19 Steps)

When I got serious about how I spent my time, I made some subtle - and some bigger - changes in how I approach my work, and get it done. I quickly got a lot more focused and achieved much better results. I'd say I doubled my productivity, i.e. the output I created, while feeling more focused and enjoying the work.

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23 Questions to Spark Meaning and Change

"A single change in the questions you ask yourself can and will profoundly change the quality of your life" - Tony Robbins.

Questions are powerful. These are some of my favorites. Just going deep in one of these questions can change a life.

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